martedì 29 gennaio 2008

Christ Perfects the Human Person

Jesus Christ is the divine and the unique Master. Firstly, because He is Truth itself, the essential and eternal Truth; He is the Word that the Father generated in eternity. Secondly, He is the Way and Life. In Christ, the human person has the greatest and supernatural development.
The Christian life is destined to the vision of God in heaven: in the vision of love and joy. Faith obtains the vision; believe to see. "Without faith it is impossible to please God."
The nobility of the human person comes from his intelligence by which he is the image and likeness of God. Man gives his greatest homage to God by subduing his mind and using it wisely to know Him and the things at the service of the Lord.

sabato 19 gennaio 2008

The Master wants the Whole of a Person

Jesus wants to live in us! Our being, so to say, has to disappear, that is, our thoughts have to disappear so that His thoughts may become ours

Jesus should live in our mind. Our desires and feelings have to disappear because Jesus wants to replace them with His and implant His heart in us. Our entire will has to disappear, all our evil tendencies, all our actions that are too human, because Jesus wants to put His will in us.

In these three things consists the true love of God. It is an illusion to think that only few sentiments of the heart will do. Everything is needed:

* The mind of Jesus Christ
* the will of Jesus Christ.

    martedì 15 gennaio 2008

    The Master is the Way to Perfection

    The great need of a person is to make a gift of one's total self to the Lord. Without realising, we keep too many things for ourselves.
    We make loud declarations of love. But when self-love rears its head, one realises clearly that God is not yet the absolute Master of our hearts.
    Even on a good day we do many things for ourselves rather than for Jesus Christ.
    The fact that the actions we perform are good may give us the illusion; but there is a big gap between performing good deeds and performing meritorious acts; often self-will, some secret ambitions, our selfish motives, etc., poison the holy things we do.
    Only that which is done for the Lord will be rewarded by the Lord.

    martedì 8 gennaio 2008

    Jesus is Way, Truth and Life

    A person following Jesus Christ gives God perfect worship:

    of the mind: faith;

    of the will: submission;

    of the heart: love.

    Know, serve and love God.

    a) God is Way, Truth and Life in Himself.

    b) Wanting to manifest His glory and to make others participate in His bliss, He presented Himself as the Way, Truth and the Life.

    c) That is, in His Son He made and makes four manifestations: in creation, in revelation, in the Church and in heaven.

    d) Thus Jesus must be considered Master, Way, Truth and Life.
    From the act of creation to glorification in heaven there is only one straight line, a unique style, one plan of action.

    Jesus is the unique Master, perfect and eternal: both by title and by nature.

    giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

    Know Jesus ever Better

    As Way, Truth and Life, Jesus is the unique Master, as the Gospel says.
    Unique Master, because He teaches us with His sublime doctrine.
    Unique Master, because He precedes us with His example.
    Unique Master, because He gives us grace, both to believe the doctrine and to act, to follow and imitate Him.
    There cannot be another Master who gives and confers grace, that is the supernatural life. Besides, there is no other Master who gives a doctrine which is His own.
    I am identified with Christ: His affairs are mine; His intentions, mine; I speak His words; my doctrine is His; my life is that of Christ; I complete the works of Christ; or better, it is Christ that completes His works for me.


    Signore, glorifica nella tua Chiesa il Beato Giacomo Alberione. Sia per noi tutti esempio e intercessore nel cammino della nostra santificazione e del nostro impegno apostolico. Apri le vie dell'evangelizzazione affinché la presenza di Gesù Maestro, Via e Verità e Vita, si irradi nel mondo per mezzo di Maria, Madre e Regina degli Apostoli. Concedimi le grazie che ora ti chiedo...
    Padre nostro, Ave Maria, Gloria... O Gesù Maestro, Via e Verità e Vita, abbi pietà di noi.
    Regina degli Apostoli, prega per noi.
    San Paolo Apostolo, prega per noi.
    Beato Giacomo Alberione, prega per noi.
    Da ogni peccato, liberaci o Signore.